BRN is Excited to Announce Our New Cross Border Network Route

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High Speed Commercial Internet
Transparent LANs


High Speed Commercial Wireless Internet


Remote Backup
Disaster Recovery
Data Vaulting

Enterprise Businesses

True "End-to-End" Fibre

Bluewater Regional Networks will offer a true "end-to-end" fibre network that offers greater reliability and is capable of providing much faster speeds than one that piggybacks off of an older infrastructure.

Flexible Packages

Not everyone requires gigabit internet speeds immediately. Bluewater Regional Networks will offer packages that allow you to get onto the network at a level that fits your needs and easily scale up when the time is right.

A Transformative Leap in Business Connectivity Services

Increase productivity
Stay competitive with an increasingly available global marketplace
Automate processes
Improve internal  communication  between sites

There is over 100 years of serving Sarnia­-Lambton in our DNA.

As part of the Bluewater Power family of companies our history in the community runs deep. We have the resources, expertise and knowledge of the area to successfully deploy a carrier-grade fibre network capable of meeting the needs of Sarnia's enterprise businesses.

Community-Owned Network

Unlike other ISPs, making Sarnia's network the best it can be is our only priority. Studies have shown that "smart communities" with access to high­speed fibre are able to:

Increase property values 
Stimulate economic activity
Attract new businesses
Create more jobs

We are launched!

The primary backbone of our fibre network is complete.

We continue to grow our fibre network with the ultimate goal of providing fully redundant carrier-grade high speed fibre internet throughout Sarnia-Lambton.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will you offer residential services eventually?

The initial phases will be to build the network backbone in the city to connect commercial customers. Once that backbone is established, we will begin to look at residential service offerings.

Are you going to the rural area / county?

At Bluewater Regional Networks the municipalities in Lambton County and our rural customers are very important to us. Again, once the network backbone is established we will begin to look at service offerings outside of the boundaries of the City of Sarnia.

What will your pricing be?

Although we will offer a carrier grade product at competitive pricing, the advantage to our customers will be our service level agreements, and the flexible approach only a local service provider can offer.

Will you offer unlimited packages?

Yes. Unlike other ISPs, there are no data caps.

What are the upload / download speeds?

The upload and download speeds are symmetrical and start at 10 Mbps and up to 1 Gigabit per second.

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